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The Best Acne Treatment Is The Natural Method

Although it’s not highly popular, many people will find that the best acne treatment available is the natural method. But the problem is, some people think of natural acne treatment as some half-baked theory involving exotic herbs and strange homemade concoctions.
The fact is, however, natural acne treatment is a carefully constructed and proven step-by-step method that has worked wonders for countless people. It is not a quick-fix solution. It requires discipline and patience. But the results are well worth it for those who truly want to get rid of their acne for good.
Natural treatment is the best acne treatment because its purpose is to eliminate the internal conditions that cause acne in the first place. This type of program is different from medicinal programs in a crucial way.
Medicines and drugs only target the symptoms of acne, not the underlying conditions that cause those symptoms. In addition, many drugs come with scary side effects. Lotions and creams can be expensive and just mask the root causes of acne.
So, just what are those root causes? There are three of them:
1. Hormonal imbalances: A primary function of hormones is to act as regulators of your various organs. This regulatory process is spurred by biochemicals called prostaglandins (PGs). Your body has three types of PGs. One of them, the E2, promotes the body’s inflammatory process, such as clotting and producing the inflammation we know as acne.
Another PG, the E1, does the opposite, it acts as an anti-inflammatory. In addition, the E1 regulates the production of oil in your sebaceous gland. It is this oil, or sebum, that mixes with dead skin cells and forms clots that clog your pores, resulting in acne. If oil production is not being regulated properly, excess oil will form, a prime condition for acne growth.
So what needs to happen to eliminate acne is that the production of the “good” PG E1 must be promoted while the production of the “bad” PG E2 must be resisted. This is a crucial step in the best acne treatment plan outlined above: rectifying an internal condition that causes acne. This is achieved by giving your body the right nutrients, especially fatty acids, from quality sources and in the right amounts.
top acne treatment
2. Toxic overload: Toxins in your body are removed as waste mainly through your intestines (bowel movements) and kidneys (urination). Your liver plays an important role too as the primary filter of toxins in the blood.
When toxins (mostly from chemicals in food) build up to a high enough level, however, your organs become saturated and can’t handle the overload. The toxins cannot be expelled through usual channels so they are excreted through the lungs and skin, or they are released back into the blood stream.
This toxic overload, when combined with the hormonal imbalance, forms a prime breeding ground for acne growth. This is the second internal condition that is rectified as part of this best acne treatment plan. It is rectified through detoxification, which is outlined below.
3. Genetics: This part of the equation cannot be controlled. But our genetics appear to be the deciding factor when it comes to acne growth. Research has shown that two people can apparently have identical internal situations yet one will suffer from acne and the other will not. It appears that the genetic factor in the equation is oil glands that are super-sensitive to fluctuations in hormone activity and thus produce excess quantities of oil.
So now that we know what the internal conditions are that need to be corrected, how do we do this. In three ways:
1. Cleansing and flushing the organs: This is done over the course of several days through a strict diet. The object is to cleanse the organs of excess toxins that have built up, which in turn will rejuvenate the organs and bring them back to optimal functionality.
2. Detoxify your body: This is similar to #1, but your cells and tissues are cleansed in addition to your organs. This is a longer-term process than #1. A specific nutritional plan is followed to achieve detoxification.
3. Eliminate candida: This is a specific toxin that is dealt with separately. Candida produce the toxins that cause yeast infections as well as a host of other health problems. A specific nutritional plan targets candida during this purging process.
In addition to these internal conditions, proper external skin care plays an important supporting role as well. Your skin is maintained without applying any toxic chemicals present in so many acne creams and lotions. After all, toxins are the very things you’re trying so hard to eliminate.
As you can see, natural acne treatment is not some sort of hairbrained scheme advocated by fringe-dwellers and freaks. It’s a sound, structured program grounded in facts that has a proven track record. It’s without a doubt the best acne treatment plan there is.

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