top muscle building supplements

The Best Muscle Building Supplement on the Market Today
Building muscle doesn’t have to be as confusing as many in the supplement industry make it out to be. The supplement industry needs to continue to invent new products to make money on a daily basis…Most of these products are useless. Supplement companies and fitness magazines worked together for years pushing products that people didn’t need. That has eventually come to an end because of social sites like MySpace and Facebook.
Some research to find out what works
When looking around for experts in the field I came across an interview by two experts who were the heads of Research and Development for supplement companies for years. There names were John Barban and Brad Pilon. These two have been on the front edge about helping the consumer make better choices when it comes to buying supplements.
top muscle building supplements
Here is what they told us when asked about the best supplement
Creatine is by far the best muscle building supplement on the market today and its cheap. After that you might want to look into some protein or glutamine. But neither has any research proving that they help build muscle. But for some reason people like to take them. You’ll probably be given some sales pitch for Nitric Oxide or Branch chain Amino Acids and Testosterone boosters, but none of these have been proven to work. For true scientifically proven effectiveness for muscle building I can only recommend Creatine.
How do I use it in my program
I only want you to use it when you get really lean…If you use it to bulk up in the winter you wind up putting on too much weight. Begin taking Creatine 3 to 4 weeks before summer or a vacation when you are already close to your ripped weight. This will add muscle size and “Shrink Wrap” your muscles around your skin. When you lean down your skin gets loose and you lose definition. This extra pump will ensure that you look lean by the time you hit the beach.
Creatine is the best muscle building supplement on the market, but you should only use it in certain circumstances to get the best results.

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