topical hair loss treatment

Topical Hair Loss Treatments
Hair loss is not a recent problem but has existed for centuries. In earlier times, men and women used a number of solutions, ointments and concoctions as treatments for their hair loss by applying them on their thinning hair for regrowth. For instance, ancient Egyptians made use of various animals such as lions, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, serpents, geese and other animals for their hair loss problem. They rubbed the fats of these animals onto their scalps as a remedy for hair loss. These types of treatments are called as topical hair loss treatments in recent times wherein hair loss problem is treated through application of various solutions and ointments to the surface of the skin or the scalp.
topical hair loss treatment
There are a variety of topical drugs available in the market but is always better to purchase these drugs with doctor’s advice to avoid any kind of side effects and other unnecessary damages. One of the most commonly doctor prescribed topical hair loss treatments for women is a topical solution that contains 2% of Minoxodil. It is observed that Minoxodil is a popular drug used by both men and women to prevent hair loss. Rogain is another commonly used topical solution that needs to be applied 2-3 times every day in order to reduce hair loss.
Topical hair loss treatments stimulate the hair follicles to rapidly produce new tissues or cells. This rapid multiplication of hair follicles results in better hair growth and helps to improve the density of hair. Topical hair loss treatments also include the usage of various hair loss shampoos and conditioners. At times, certain topical solutions contain very strong compounds that may cause irritation and other serious side effects. Hence, it is recommended that the people suffering from high blood pressure or any heart disease must avoid topical hair loss treatments. These treatments can also be dangerous for women who are pregnant or nursing and are not advisable for them.
Research shows that topical hair loss treatments through their various special shampoos, conditioners, scalp lotions or solutions and other products provide a better result as compared to other effective and proven treatments.

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