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Treatments For Acne Spots

Acne spots and pimples always seem to erupt at the most inconvenient times in a person’s life, and it does not only affect the young; adults to can experience the sudden appearance of a spot or pimple just before an important occasion. If this ever happens it would handy to have some acne remedies close by. Some of the treatments for acne listed below may not work for everybody, but they have been known to help many people in the past.
Acne sulphur is a well-known treatment for spots and pimples. It is relatively cheap and just a small solution applied to the acne affected areas, left on for around fifteen minutes and washed of, can prove highly effective as a treatment for acne. The Acne sulphur treatment can be purchased at pharmacies and drug stores.
Another acne treatment is vitamin c. This vitamin can be found in oranges, and the application of a piece of an orange peel to the acne spots for a few minutes, has been proved successful in the treatment of spots and pimples, and for just the cost of a couple of oranges, it is a very cheap acne treatment.
treatment of acne
The World Health Organisation includes Benzoyl peroxide in its list of essential medicines, and most acne treatments contain it in their ingredients. Find a treatment for acne products that contains 10% of Benzoyl peroxide. Apply it to the acne spots and pimples. Repeat this every few hours and your acne will soon disappear.
Neutrogena is another product among many good acne treatments. Neutrogena soaks up excess oils, dries out pimples and clears the pores. This acne spot treatment can be purchased over the counter and is relatively cheap. A big plus for this acne treatment, is that it can prevent most spots from reappearing.
If you are looking for natural treatments for acne, green clay is 100% a natural product. Green clay is applied to the acne spots and pimples a night before retiring to bed, and is kept on while you sleep. However this is not one of the most popular treatments owing to scarcity of the green clay.
Another one of the overnight treatments for acne is a mixture of aloe and vitamin e. Apply the mixture to the acne spots five minutes before going to bed and clean it of when you wake up. This treatment has had a few detractors, but many have found to be a good treatment for acne.
The many and varied acne treatments that are available to people today, will be more effective if they are backed up with a sensible diet and healthy life style. By avoiding foods containing unnatural fats and too much refined sugar, and partaking in some simple but effective exercise will greatly assist the treatments in their work. Avoid stress as much as you can and ensure you get as close to eight hours sleep every night.
By following as healthy a life style as you can, the treatments that you find work for you will have a better chance of ridding you of acne spots and pimples.

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