treatment of asthma

Treatment For Asthma

The main trouble of asthma is breathlessness. The breathlessness condition of the patient is caused by the disorder and bronchial spasm in the respiratory system. A common symptom of this disease is that the patient feels great difficulty in breathing. There is strain in exhaling the air. In chronic cases, the life of the patient becomes miserable and it negatively affects the patient’s lifestyle.
Asthma is mainly a disorder of the bronchioles. There is constriction of the bronchioles which disturbs the normal ratio of inspiration and expiration. The congestion of the blood vessels of the bronchial lining, the expiration begins to get prolonged and difficult.
treatment of asthma
It is a widely prevalent disease of our time, affecting the young, old and even the children. The most disheartening aspect of asthma is that it does not get completely cured trough the use of medicine.
The Yogic system of treatment for asthma, prescribes that the patient must not consume food until they are excessively full in the stomach. They must have their meal before 7pm and they are allowed a glass of milk before bedtime.
The Yoga asanas that should be practiced for the treatment of asthma are:
1. Bhastrika Pranayama – This is an excellent asana that helps clear the sinus and nasal passage. This will allow more intake of oxygen to flow to all the three lobes.
2. Jala Neti – This requires the use of water to cleanse and thoroughly clean the nasal passage of all impurities. It prevents the accumulation of fluids.
3. Agnisara – This action invigorates the glands – liver, spleen, and pancreas. It is indispensable in curing all sort of stomach ailment such as indigestion, acidity, gas and stomach ulcers.
4. Cobra Pose – This asana expands the chest region, thereby ventilating the lobes in the lungs. This makes breathing much easier for asthma sufferers.

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