ucla new asthma treatment

Ucla New Asthma Treatment

Asthma, a chronic respiratory condition when treated properly could be kept well under control. By properly managing asthma, patients have better control over their condition and can lead a symptom free, healthy life. An asthma treatment plan helps patients in managing their condition on a regular basis and acts as a handy reference to the patients in monitoring their condition for better control.
ucla new asthma treatment
An asthma treatment plan or an action plan is nothing but a written outline given by the healthcare professional to the patient on how to deal with his/her condition on a daily basis and includes the details of the regular medications, quick-relief medications and when to take them or the symptoms that the patient has to look out for, how to measure the peak expiratory flow using the peak flow meter and interpret the readings and what to do when the attack is severe.
Patients can approach a Certified Asthma Educator who is specialized in Asthma management to discuss the action plan or treatment plan. The successful intervention combines the provision of information with individual self treatment plans. Such action plans may be based on symptoms, peak expiratory flow values or both. It is essential that patients notice exacerbations in their asthma early enough and start appropriate interventions by themselves.
For managing their condition effectively patients should first identify their triggers and eliminate them. Next important step of the treatment plan is to take the prescribed medications daily without fail even if there are no symptoms. Measuring the peak expiratory flow helps patient monitor their condition as it is an indicator of how well the patient is or an impending attack. So patients should adjust their medications according to the readings or start the quick relief medications as per the doctor’s advice, on noticing a decreased flow. When the condition is not properly controlled or is getting worse, patients should immediately visit their doctor or the emergency room for treatment. Patients should discuss with their healthcare professional regarding their conditions and ask him to provide an action or treatment plan for it will help them to manage their asthma effectively.

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