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Weight Lifting Supplements – Do They Really Build Muscle?
Weight loss supplements are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to muscle building… or so they say. When it comes to building muscle, most people want to make it happen as fast and as easy as possible. Just like losing weight, we wish that there was just a button we could press to make all of our weight drip right off.
Well, unfortunately marketing corporations and companies know that. So they want you to believe that in order to gain 7 pounds of muscle in 3 days, you have to buy their weight lifting supplements. And on the flip side, while I know nothing on the market today that can do that, there are a couple of weight lifting supplements that actually do help make it a lot easier to get those rock hard biceps by summer.
And that’s why your here. To find the right weight lifting supplements that actually work.
Well you came to the right place. There are thousands of weight lifting supplements available on the market today. So right now we are going to tell you which ones are crap, and which ones, in my opinion, are the best of the best weight lifting supplements:
#1) SciFit Kre-Alkalyn – Better than all other weight lifting supplements?
Kre Alkalyn has to be one of the best weight lifting supplements on the market. This is my favorite supplement to use. Its works so well, I take it even on the days I don’t workout. The first two weeks I used this supplement my bench press increased by 40 pounds. It was INSANE! So let me give you the scoop on one of the best weight lifting supplements you’ll ever come across.
weight lifting supplements
Kre Alkalyn is creatine ON STEROIDS! Creatine has always been an effective supplement when weight training. But there were always serious problems with it. First you had to do whats called a loading phase. Usually that requires you to take 20 grams of creatine every day for a week. Thats at least 4 times a day and with a total of eight glass of water per day. Then you would have to do a maintenance cycle which requires 10 grams of creatine per day for 2 weeks. Then a week of no creatine at all. You would have to do this cycle month after month after month. And to top it all off, only 20 percent of the creatine you were putting in your body was actually getting used. The rest would turn into waste. These were the problems when it came to creatine, but those problems were eliminated when Kre Alkalyn came on the scene.
Kre Alkayn is 200% more effective than regular creatine. There’s no need for a loading phase. Just take 2-4 pills a day. It doesn’t break down and turn to waste, because it is at it’s purest form. Meaning 100% of the creatine you are putting in your body is actually being used, not just 20%. Not only that but there is little to no bloating, and in a few weeks you’ll be benching more weight that you ever have! Kre Alkalyn increases your strength and size of your muscles when used correctly. This is definitely one of the best weight lifting supplements available.
#2) Body Fortress: Super Advanced Whey Protein
This is the second and last of the weight lifting supplements that I use. There are tons and tons of whey protein companies out there. But very few can really do what they say they can do, and still taste delicious.
That is where this product really shines. This is one of the best weight lifting supplements because it can deliver up to 52 grams of protein per serving and if you drink it with milk, (which will add more protein) it taste DELICIOUS! Seriously, this has to be one of the best tasting whey proteins I’ve ever had. And I’ve tried a lot of bad stuff. So these are the most effective weight lifting supplements.

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