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Weight Loss Depends On The Why

You can know all the right foods to eat and all the foods not to eat, you can know what you should do to lose weight and what you do to put on weight but do you know your reasons for wanting to lose weight and are they good enough reasons?
“I should go on a diet”
“I need to lose weight”
“I need to lose weight to be healthier”
“I want to diet to be fitter”
“I need to go on a diet because my husband / wife says I do”
I hear these poor excuses all the time as I coach people and every time I hear one of these, or other poor reasons I ask “What is your real reason to lose weight?” and 9 out of 10 times people don’t have a real or good enough reason.
Losing weight, like any other change in your life, is based on leverage. When you create enough leverage you create a true reason and make a shift in your thinking.
Without this shift in thinking you simply will not succeed. Why is it that people have struggled all their life to effectively diet suddenly do so when they find out they have an illness? Simply put, they suddenly believe that they must lose weight to help cure themselves – this is even more true if the illness is life threatening. There has been enough leverage put on them that there is a fundamental shift in their thinking. They have gone from “I should diet” to “I absolutely must lose weight to save my life”
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Do you want to wait until you are forced to lose weight by an external source, illness etc?
I hope not! Start now and stop that external force before it grabs hold of you.
Here’s the truth about creating a change in your life; you need to find enough pain to push you over the edge into new thinking. Now that’s a hard truth to take but it’s the truth nevertheless. Think about it right now; how can you create enough emotional pain to make that shift?
What will happen in the future if you stay overweight and become more overweight? What illnesses could you contract due to being overweight? Diabetes? Cancer? Heart Disease? What about joint complaints? Back Pain, Hip Pain, Knee Pain… the list goes on. Do you want any of those to happen to you? What would it feel like to contract cancer, an illness that is likely to kill you? How would it feel when you are sat in a doctor’s office and he is telling you that you have cancer? How would it feel to know that you continuing to be overweight caused you to be this ill?
Have you created enough pain yet? What about the people you love, how will it feel to tell them how ill you are and that you being overweight has caused it? How will you family take you being ill and possibly dying?
Have you created enough pain yet?
Now create the good side…
How amazing will it feel when you lose all the weight you want to and achieve your goals? How awesome will it be to look in the mirror in the morning and see you looking amazing, thinner, and athletic? How great will it feel to have an amazing amount of energy, to be able to keep up with your kids or enjoy your hobbies 100 times more than you do now?
Have you got 2 great reasons yet?
What pain have you associated to staying overweight?
What amazing feelings have you associated to losing weight?
Now that you have a good enough reason you can go and achieve your goals.

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