weight loss patches

Weight Loss Patches – Do They Work?

There are several brands of weight loss patches on the market. Their purpose is to help people lose weight faster by suppressing the appetite and increasing metabolic rate. The different brands use various combinations of substances such as guarana (a stimulant), chromium (to regulate insulin levels) and fucus vesiculosus (to stimulate the thyroid gland thus speeding up the metabolism).
weight loss patches
One of the biggest problems with weight loss patches is that there isn’t any way to regulate how much of these substances is being absorbed through the skin and at what rate. Heavier people will absorb less per pound of body weight so, in theory, the benefits would be less. This same problem was encountered during testing of a birth control patch and, as a result, it is not recommended for women who weigh over 150 pounds.
Some possible side effects of these patches are dizziness, nausea, headache, and skin irritation. If you use the patch, you should not put it in the same location every time. On the plus side, weight loss patches are available over the counter with no prescription required. There are several options available at a variety of prices.
However, there is a big negative: they have not been approved by the FDA. No official studies have been done to determine their safety or effectiveness. There is no evidence to show whether or not they help at all with weight loss. If you decide that you would like to give the weight loss patch a try, take the list of ingredients to your doctor to make sure none of them will have any negative effect on any conditions you have or medicines you are taking.

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