What Causes Cold Sores And How Do I Curb Cold Sore Activity?

What Causes Cold Sores And How Do I Curb Cold Sore Activity?
What causes cold sores for you? You may have one or more causes of cold sores affecting you. Identifying these causes is powerful knowledge for healing and prevention of these distressing sores.
What causes cold sores for all people is basically the herpes simplex virus, type 1 or 2. Do not be troubled because you are not alone. Nearly 89% of the world population carries this virus.
You probably know that. But, what is most important for you to know are the three primary triggers that activate an otherwise dormant herpes virus. These triggers are the most common causes of cold sores.
When the herpes virus activates, it will wiggle its way to the surface along a nerve fiber and invade the cells there. This parasite type virus takes control and forces your cells to build new copies of itself.
The cells swell as they fill up with new virus particles and finally they rupture open. This spills out hoards of new virus and another painful open sore is the result.
Below are three of the main triggers that activate the herpes virus. You will find these to be your actual causes of cold sores.
Your antibody soldiers are designed specifically to defend you from pathogens such as the herpes virus. The strength of these is the basis for a strong immune system.
Your vitamin and mineral intake from food and supplements is very important. They are directly responsible for building strong antibodies.
If you suffer frequent outbreaks, it is definitely a sign of immune weakness.
Eat more fresh, uncooked vegetables and fruits. Food always provides the highest quality and absorption of essential nutrients.
For optimal results, it is important you start taking a top-shelf vitamin and mineral supplement. For many people, this is all they need to do to stop their cold sores.
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But one big mistake many folks make is buying those one or two per day grocery store vitamins. You must use premium quality vitamin and mineral supplements or you will get no results.
Optimal amounts of all vitamins (A through E) are vital. Some of the most important for your needs here are high amounts of vitamins A, C, E and the B family. Also, calcium, magnesium and zinc are necessary minerals for this purpose.
Arginine and lysine are two amino acids essential to your health. They are quite common in a normal diet. Both of these greatly influence your cold sore events.
Arginine is the one essential protein for building new herpes virus. Without an ample supply of arginine, it is impossible for the herpes virus to create new virus copies. It will not create a new sore.
The herpes simplex virus is not able to use lysine protein to build new virus copies.
Your cells use the same storage area within the cell for both arginine and lysine. The more you have of one, the less room for the other.
By showering your cells with lysine, you will greatly reduce the storage of arginine and this alone can prevent cold sores. Lysine, as a cold sore treatment, is one of the easiest and best remedies you can use.
Dairy products, especially from Wisconsin, are particularly high in lysine and useful for raising your lysine levels. The majority of folks, however, find lysine capsules are easy and most convenient.
You are at peak health when your pH level is alkaline. On the pH scale of 1 through 14, 7 is neutral. Alkaline is above 7 and acid is below 7.
Your pH will commonly vary between 6.6 and 7.35 pH. When you drop below 7, you are becoming acid and your resistance to disease is greatly reduced. If you are prone to outbreaks, this alone will often activate an otherwise dormant herpes virus.
The more acidic your body is, the lower your oxygen levels. These are perfect conditions for the herpes virus to successfully replicate.
Avoid acid causing foods such as white flour, sugar and carbonated drinks. Eat more green vegetables. Asparagus is excellent for this. Also, vitamin stores often carry kits for raising your pH to healthy levels.
There you have it. The triggers mentioned above are the three most common situations that cause a cold sore. There are others, of course, but knowing these triggers, and how they affect you, will be a great help to you.
And keep in mind, discovering what causes cold sores for you is a must for erasing outbreaks from your life for good. Take care and you will be cold sore free in no time.

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