when should asthma treatment be initiated

Can Asthma Be Controlled?

Asthma is a respiratory disease that can occur in all ages but is particularly common in children. It is the chronic inflammation of the airways which can be described by recurring symptoms, airway obstruction, and bronchospasms. The most common signs of asthma include cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, and chest tightness. During an asthmatic episode, the muscles around the airways tighten and start to swell, thus making it difficult for air to pass through. An asthmatic episode can last from minutes to hours and even days.
Respiratory asthmais primarily caused by allergens. Allergens are allergy-causing substances that initiate an asthmatic episode for sensitive people. Triggers that are frequently associated with asthma are the following: animal dander, molds, pollens, roaches, dust, chemical substances in the air, and tobacco smoke.
Strictly following medical advice is important. Medications like asthma inhalers should not be discontinued without the doctor’s approval. However, pharmacologic therapy cannot stand alone. Although there are a variety of medications for the treatment of asthma, it still has no definite cure.
when should asthma treatment be initiated
Avoiding triggers and modifying my lifestyle are two of the best ways to control asthma. Unfortunately, allergy-causing substances cannot be fully eliminated. It is best to stay away from known triggers or allergens as much as possible, even if it means saying goodbye to your beloved kittens.
Moreover, lessening exposure to secondhand smoke is of equal importance to people who have asthma. Cigarette and tobacco use should be avoided. In order to prevent an asthma attack, it is wise to stay away from people who are smoking.
An existing viral respiratory tract infection can trigger asthma too. Asthmatics should put more effort in preventing the occurrence of colds. They should also avoid people who have respiratory tract infections. Proper washing of the hands can be a good start to prevent the transmission of disease-causing microbes.
Extreme weather changes can possibly lead to an asthmatic episode. Exercise-induced asthma is also likely. In order to prevent this particular kind of asthma, prophylactic medications prescribed by the doctor should be taken dutifully. Prevention is always better than cure.
Stress is another cause of asthma. Therefore, taking stress reduction techniques are advisable. Muscle tension and shallow breathing can both activate an asthmatic episode. It is recommended for asthmatics to perform relaxation techniques. They should find their own means of relaxation to prevent the occurrence of asthma attacks due to stress.
In addition, caffeine is known to have mild therapeutic effects for people experiencing asthma attacks. However, caffeine-containing beverages should be taken moderately. Too much caffeine in the system can worsen asthma.
Warning or danger signs of asthma should not be taken lightly. These indicate that the asthma is poorly controlled. This increases the risk of developing a severe asthma attack. Frequent visits to your doctor are greatly recommended for better control of your asthma.
The prognosis for asthma, especially among children with just a mild condition, is good. However, the degree of lung damage in asthmatics is a concern. Fortunately, the death rate for asthma has decreased over the last 10 years. This may be due to increasing knowledge on prevention, early detection, and prompt treatment.

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